Pat went to work and brought in Tony’s Finer Foods to replace Dominick’s on Lincoln Ave so every resident has access to a high-quality local grocery store.

Pat also brought Target to the ward and worked with Half Acre Brewing to expand to Bowmanville and has brought dozens of other businesses to the ward.

Pat is making the ward a better place to live and play. He’s improved every park in the ward, including River, Mather, Green Briar, Emmerson, Schreiber, Gross, and Winnemac. Pat has also brought in many playlots into the ward for children, including; Jacob, Mellin, Korczak, Andersonville, and all Legion Playgrounds that include, Catalpa, Hollywood and Thorndale. Over the years, Pat has also torn down dangerous hotels along Lincoln Avenue and replaced them with a public library, police station, and the Legion Park Fountain.

Pat has brought new streetscapes to Devon, Bryn Mawr, Clark, Foster, and other streets to make them more walkable and enjoyable. He has also secured funding for the new Lawrence Avenue Streetscape, beginning in 2020.



O’Connor helped create a program that gives any CPS student with a B average or higher a scholarship to attend community college, because education should be available to anyone who works hard.

Pat secured millions for renovations, expansions or new programming at all ward schools:

  • Mather – new science labs, AP classes, engineering partnership with Landrum & Brown, $35 million, new addition and renovated baseball fields.
  • Amundsen – engineering partnership with Dyson, expanded IB to 9 through 12 grade, $29 million over 7 years and newly renovated baseball fields.
  • Northside – partnership with Northside College Prep and RTM Engineering
  • Jamieson – new addition adding more class/work space for students
  • Budlong – interior renovation improvements throughout the school

Pat fought to build Northside College Prep to the community, which is ranked as one of the best schools in the state.

Fought for additional social workers at the following 40th Ward schools.

Full-time social worker are as follows:

  • Clinton Elementary School
  • Mather High School

1-2 special education case managers as follows:

  • Jamieson Elementary School
  • Amundsen High School
  • Mather High School

Pat supports full-day universal Pre-K and kindergarten to give every young student opportunity for academic success.

As a former CPS parent, Pat helped pushed through the law to create elected Local School Councils to give parents a say in how their child’s school is run. He also served on the Local School Council where his children attended schools for two terms.


Public Safety

Pat has added more cops and made sure they get out of their cars and meet residents so they can know and police the community better.

Pat knows more cops alone won’t solve the problem, which is why he’s fought for mentoring and afterschool programs for kids across Chicago so they have opportunities to succeed rather than turning to crime.

When the State’s Attorney announced the creation of a community prosecution office for the purpose of outreach into the neighborhoods in Cook County, Pat found them space in the ward.


Women’s Issues

As a father of one son and four adult daughters, Pat supports equal opportunity and equal pay for women.

Pat led the fight for Chicago’s minimum wage increase to help working and single mothers provide for their families.

Pat supports a woman’s right to choose and believes that every woman and child should have access to affordable healthcare.

Pat also introduced an ordinance to extend maternity and parental leave when a child is born.

Pat also helped to secure funds for a new state of the art women’s health center at Swedish Covenant Hospital and the renovation and expansion of their Emergency Room.


Progressive Values

The father of one son and four daughters, Pat believes that all citizens should be treated equally, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

A longtime supporter of LGBT rights, Pat supported the creation of the city’s LGBT Advisory Council and authored the city’s original human rights ordinance to protect members of the LGBT community.

Pat will continue to work with the LGBT community to find new and creative ways to serve the LGBT homeless youth population in our neighborhoods.



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